We make beautifully bespoke furniture for every room in your home.


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We specialise in a small but perfectly formed range of classic designs for all the rooms in your home.


We create beautifully built in spray finished furniture, that brings your home to life whilst providing practical solutions for living that are designed to fit your home and your life.

In an ideal world, our homes would be perfectly designed spaces for living, with carefully set aside areas for storage. In reality, they somehow fill themselves with mountains of essential ‘stuff’, and we live in the space that’s left over. Home Living is about creating storage that fits perfectly into your space, so everything balances out beautifully. Our collections are set to take control of how you spend your time and how you use those spaces, so everything fits together perfectly.


Our stunning bedroom furniture is designed to maximise every last millimetre of space and can include a wide range of clever storage solutions. Available in three popular styles (victorian, minimal and shaker), we aim to give you even more choice to create a bedroom that perfectly fits your style.

Specially created to fit more in, we are experts in planning your very own fitted bedroom solutions. Custom made and crafted for you from the ground up. Nothing is flat pack, every walk in wardrobe is custom built and hand crafted to meet your specific needs.


Open your bedroom to a beautifully fitted wardrobe that is created with you and made by us.

We firmly believe that the perfect wardrobe should not only be absolutely stunning, maximise every inch of space and have endless storage options, it should also make you feel amazing too. That’s why we work with you to design and fit a wardrobe that’s practical to suit all your needs and helps to beautifully organise everything in one place.


Walk into any home with bespoke shelving and you’ll instantly get a sense that everything has a place. With bespoke shelving you not only get to fully utilise cubby holes, alcoves and small spaces, you get to decide on the structure of each shelf to suit your belongings. With bespoke shelving you can showcase your treasures and hideaway your essentials.

Bespoke shelving is a sophisticated solution for any home, and can really bring a room together. Blending seamlessly with existing décor and furnishings, Here at SpacedIn, every shelving project we work on is different. No home, or space, or individual is the same. That’s why we approach every new design with an open mind. 

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